Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is prompt #177 for One Single Impression! The theme is "phantom".


death has made a voyeur of me,
seating me here behind reality's thin curtain - 
this fate is not a pleasant one,
doomed to watch as life
continues on like waves crashing
ceaselessly, watching those
who are born die, and life
begin anew, seeing the microscopic
details of disease and the macroscopic
of people, like insects across blue satin

and each time you peel
aside the curtain
all they hear is the rattling
of chains; which they ignore,
blaming it on the wind, hoping
nobody notices the goosebumps
rising along their spine
like raindrops dotting a
skyscraper, glowing in
the lights of traffic.



  1. What a mesmerizing piece. It reads like a work of several hundred pages, condensed to these two stanzas. Every line has import and history behind it, giving (and hiding) life, as the veil within your poem. Thanks!

  2. Doomed, yes, awakened, yes. You gave me goose bumps and I am reminded of my own future demise. However, most welcome that is, as it opens doorways to life as well. I hope your work does that too to you, even if you are much too often looking through that curtain.

  3. My work opens all sorts of doors for me. And I'm happy I gave somebody goosebumps, thats an accomplishment I feel! Thanks everybody for the kind words <3

  4. This is powerful, dark and real. This line "seeing the microscopic
    details of disease and the macroscopic
    of people"
    reminded me of something I read paralleling humans and cancer. Shine on!

  5. "rising along their spine like raindrops on a skyscraper" - love that image (but not the feeling). Vivid and dark.