Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is prompt #178 for One Single Impression. The topic this week was "need". Enjoy, my darlings.


it is in desire
for the softest flesh
that i sit beneath this
tree, the wind surging
through its leaves
like a stampede of ghosts
the stars blinking
in silent fatigue

and i imagine its flavor
as my teeth break through
the papery skin, its sweetness
flowing against my tongue.
i beg gravity to grant me this wish -
the rubyred glittering
apple that sits atop the highest branch,
like a crown.



  1. As if the smallest squeezed sure step eyes closes noses arched into where wings might melt and the universe smiles as you might too when your words heave themselves into a fire that knows ashes bear more weight than trees...

    thanks for looking in
    as well as where you begin
    to find what beauty
    mines our



  2. strikingly beautiful...tender: a wonderful present at a late hour...xxxj