Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I haven't been very present on my other blog, either. I've been working nonstop nights, and when I get home all I want to do is just shut off my brain. Other than that, I've been doing volunteer work, and trying to enjoy the last remnants of summer as much as possible with my good friends. Its been hard to focus on writing, really.

I recently did a guest post on my friend Sarah's pretty lil' blog, Atlantic Atlantis, along with some other very talented ladies. Check it out! Her blog is a wonderful read.

I have several postings to make. The first is a poem I wrote on a break at work, in my first week there. I guess I was trying to capture the mundane, everyday feel of working in a convenience store and make it into something beautiful:

"in search of poetry amidst
shining cobalt tincans
that reflect noisy midnights,
the constant tinkling of bells
that single the gentle clink
of amber glass

i search for music in the beeping
of scanners, their angry crimson gaze
in the grinding of meats, the gentle
sawing of blades through soft,
warm bread

i search for meaning
in the unfocused eye
of middle-aged men,
the soft rumbling of
change in their pockets
their sour smells that hang
onto worn t-shirts
and torn jeans

each pebble in the carpets
tells the history of those
who have walked these
floors, broken glass maps
of parties that have long been over
the footprints are ghosts
of lives that have wandered off

Thats all I got in me tonight. My eyes are drooping. I'm crazing something salty, some nice smells. I need new books to read. What is everybody reading lately, anyways? Until next day. I promise there'll be another soon! Fingers crossed.



  1. you did well.

    one step at a time, enjoy being part of a group and welcome back to poets rally today.

  2. amazing blog style.

    come on in, share a poem and read others. poets rally miss you a lot.